ICT and Electronics Convention

Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Hotel Admiral 
May 20 - 24, 2024 Opatija, Croatia

PM in Turbulent Times: How AI and War Affect Our Profession and Education?


Darko Jureković, Nenad Marjanović, Marija Bajica, Frane Urem, Neven Pintarić, Gordan Krčelić, Ivan Lorencin

As world leaders publicly acknowledge that we live in the „most dangerous time for generations“, project managers, professionals that “lead all types of projects across various industries” and use “their project management expertise to execute and complete projects that bring brilliant ideas into reality” find themselves facing new challenges and dilemmas. We’ll discuss how disruptions, technological (like AI) or social (like war that started in Europe with invasion of Ukraine) affect our profession, our priorities and responsibilities and what we, as both individuals and professional community should do to respond to those disruptions and challenges they pose in a thoughtful and ethical manner. Please, feel free to join and contribute to our panel discussion either in the conference centre or on-line.

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