international convention on information,
communication and electronic technology
Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Hotel Admiral,

September 27 - October 1, 2021, Opatija, Croatia



Željka Car (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Stjepan Golubić (Zagreb, Croatia)
Dragan Jevtić (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Branko Mikac (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

Steering Committee
Slaviša Aleksić (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)
Krešo Antonović (Ministry of Sea Transport and Infrastructure, Zagreb, Croatia)
Gordan Gledec (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Darko Huljenić (Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, Croatia)
Oliver Jukić (Virovitica College, Croatia)
Ozren Jureković (VERN` University, Zagreb, Croatia)
Erich Leitgeb (Graz University of Technology, Austria)
Velimir Švedek (Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries, Zagreb, Croatia)

Program committee
Željka Car (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Vlado Delić (University of Novi Sad, Serbia)
Saša Dešić (Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, Croatia)
Renato Filjar (Zagreb University of Applied Sciences, Croatia)
Tihana Galinac Grbac (Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Croatia)
Stjepan Golubić (Zagreb, Croatia)
Vlasta Hudek (Rezultanta, Zagreb, Croatia)
Robert Inkret (Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, Croatia)
Dragan Jevtić (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Admela Jukan (Institute of Computer and Network Engineering, Braunschweig, Germany)
Marko Lacković (IBM Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia)
Dražen Lučić (Croatian Chamber of Economy, Zagreb, Croatia)
Branko Mikac (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Mladen Sokele (Zagreb University of Applied Sciences, Croatia)
Dina Šimunić (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Darko Švelec (Zagreb, Croatia)
Miroslav Vrankić (E-Glas d.o.o., Rijeka, Croatia)
Antonio Teixeira (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
Mario Weber (Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries, Zagreb, Croatia)


Better Normal – a Myth or Reality?
V. Miholić, K. Musa



An Impact of Implementation of 5G Technology on Information Security 
D. Lučić, P. Mišević

5G-Connected Drone for Public Road Safety - Research Challenges and Future Research Roadmap
M. Jurčević, I. Vitas

Data Traffic Models for Broadband Backbone in 5G Networks
E.P.Ivanova, I. Penkov, T.B. Iliev, I.S. Stoyanov

Modification of a Commercial Fixed-Wing-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Mobile Radio for beyond Visual Line of Sight Operability
K. Kainrath, M. Gruber, A. Hinze, H. Flühr, E. Leitgeb


Artificial Intelligence in Wireless Communications – Evolution Towards 6G Mobile Networks
T.B. Iliev, E.P. Ivanova, I.S. Stoyanov, G.Y. Mihaylov, I.H. Beloev

CASR: A Corpus for Albanian Speech Recognition
A. Rista, A. Kadriu

End-to-End Speech Recognition Model Based on Deep Learning for Albanian
A. Rista, A. Kadriu

Machine Learning Model of Communication of Physical and Virtual Sensors in the Mobile Network on the Motorway Section
M. Stojčić, M.K. Banjanin, Z. Ćurguz, A. Stjepanović


Interoperability Test of NETCONF Capabilities
D. Valenčić, V. Pupovac 

MQTT-Like Network Management Architecture
O. Jukić, R. Filjar, I. Heđi, E. Ciriković


Use of Image File Format WebP on Websites in Croatian Top Domains
T. Jakopec, Ž. Hrkač

Adapting Modularized Web Applications to Web Accessibility Standards 
L. Žuliček, S. Tomić, I. Bosnić

An Improved PIN Input Method for the Visually Impaired
N. Caporusso

ascCAPTCHA: an Invisible Sensor CAPTCHA for PCs Based on Acoustic Side Channel
R. Di Nardo Di Maio, M. Guerar, M. Migliardi

The Impact of Legislation on Website Accessibility: Croatian Case-Study
A. Kešelj, I. Topolovac, M. Žilak, I. Rašan


Creativity and Innovation Processes in Complex Sustainable City Environments: „Smart Creative City” Concept
D. Šimunić, A. Višković, D. Žubrinić

Value Co-Creation through a Digital Platform Business Model in the Power Sector
A. Višković, V. Franki

Integrated Strategic Action for Facilitating the Electrification Process 
A. Višković, V. Franki, A. Damiano

Smart Door as a Solution for the Independent Life of People in Need 
N. Bjelčić, M. Blažeković, D. Švelec


Analysis of the Impact of Electromagnetic Interference on the Performance of a Household Wireless Network 
J. Muratović, K. Josić, S. Papić 

Distribution of High-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields on the Basis of Total Exposure Quotients
B. Tanatarec, D. Šimunić

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