ICT and Electronics Convention

Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Hotel Admiral 
May 22 - 26, 2023 Opatija, Croatia


Marko Koričić (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Željko Butković (University 
of Zagreb, Croatia) 

Steering Committee:
Slavko Amon (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Dubravko Babić (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Maurizio Ferrari (CNR-IFN, Povo-Trento, Italy)
Mile Ivanda (Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, 
Tihomir Knežević (Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia)
Branimir Pejčinović (Portland State University, United States)
Mirko Poljak (University 
of Zagreb, Croatia)
Jörg Schulze (Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device 
Technologies, Erlangen, Germany)
Tomislav Suligoj (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Szabo (IEEE Croatia Section, Zagreb, Croatia)
Davor Vinko (University of Osijek, Croatia)


Back-Hopping in Ultra-Scaled MRAM Cells

M. Bendra, S. Fiorentini, J. Ender, R.L. de Orio, T. Hadámek, N.P. Jørstad, B. Pruckner, S. Selberherr, W. Goes, V. Sverdlov

Tunneling Attenuation and Leakage Current in MoS2 Nanoribbon MOSFETs

I. Prevarić, M. Matić, M. Poljak

Transport Properties and Device Performance of Quasi-One-Dimensional MoS2 FETs

M. Matić, M. Poljak

Bandgap Narrowing in Silicene Nanoribbons with Metal Edge Contacts

M. Poljak, M. Matić

Determining Graphene and Substrate Quality from the Coupled Hall Mobility Measurements and Theoretical Modeling

K. Japec, M. Matić, R. Lukose, M. Lisker, M. Lukosius, M. Poljak

Stress-dependent MOSFET Model for Use in Circuit Simulations

A. Žamboki, L. Gočan, J. Mikulić, N. Bako, G. Schatzberger, T. Marković, A. Barić

Low-Power Frequency-Locked Loop Circuit with Static Frequency Offset Cancellation

L. Gočan, A. Žamboki, N. Bako, J. Mikulić, G. Schatzberger, T. Marković, A. Barić

Low-Power CMOS Frequency Comparator

M. Kováč, M. Potočný, D. Arbet, R. Ondica, R. Ravasz, V. Stopjaková

Measurement System for Characterization of a Resistor Array in 180-nm CMOS Technology

I. Franković, F. Mikić, J. Mikulić, N. Bako, G. Schatzberger, A. Barić

Performance Analysis of 1-MHz Voltage-Controlled Ring Oscillator Designed in 180-nm CMOS Technology for Phase-Locked Loop

A. Traživuk, A. Barić

Analysis of Energy Consumption for SPI and I2C Communications in Ultra-Low Power Embedded Systems

J. Zidar, I. Aleksi, T. Matić

Genetic Algorithm Based Optimization of Circular Planar Coil Geometry With Homogeneous Magnetic Field Distribution

D. Bilandžija, D. Vinko, L. Filipović

Analysis of the Effect of Differential-Mode and Common-Mode Impedance Matching on the Common-Mode Rejection Ratio of a Differential Electro-Optical Voltage Probe

H. Štimac, A. Barić

Measurement Setup for Characterizing Immunity of Integrated Circuits to Pulsed Electric Fields Using the IC Stripline

C. Cetin, M. Magerl, C. Stockreiter

Characterization of Ground Bounce and Conducted Emissions of Integrated Isolated DC-DC Converter

A. Križanić, R. Blečić, A. Broznić, A. Barić

Characterization of Class-E Resonant Converter Operating in MHz-Range

I. Krois, A. Barić

Design and Characterization of the Output Network of a High-Current Buck Converter

K. Šolaja, R. Blečić, A. Broznić, A. Barić

Developing a Model of Buck Converter for EMI Filter Optimization by Circuit Simulations

J. Baća, R. Blečić, A. Broznić, A. Barić

Implementation of Voltage Regulation in a Spread-Spectrum-Clocked Buck Converter

J. Kundrata, A. Barić

Uninterruptible Power Supply System for Railway Infrastructure with Power Factor Correction and Immunity to Energy Strike

A. Hećimović, L. Patrlj, V. Šunde, Ž. Ban

Reduction of Current Harmonics in Data Center Power System using Single-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter

V. Zeleničić, M. Miletić, K. Raič Raguž, D. Sumina, I. Erceg

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