international convention on information and
communication technology, electronics and microelectronics
Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Remisens Hotel Admiral,

May 20 - 24, 2019, Opatija, Croatia



Marko Koričić (University of Zagreb, Croatia), Željko Butković (University of Zagreb, Croatia), Petar Biljanović (University of Zagreb, Croatia) 

Steering Committee
S. Amon (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), D. Babić (SEMICRO, Croatia), M. Ferrari (CNR-IFN, Povo-Trento, Italy), M. Ivanda (Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia), B. Pejčinović (Portland State University, USA), J. Schulze (University of Stuttgart, Germany), T. Suligoj (University of Zagreb, Croatia), A. Szabo (IEEE Croatia Section), D. Vinko (University of Osijek, Croatia)


Overcoming Limitations of Silicon Carbide Heteroepitaxy on Silicon Wafers
M. Myronov (University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom)


Fabrication of GePb-Alloys by Means of Pulsed Laser Induced Epitaxy
M.C. Weiser, D. Schwarz, H.S. Funk, D. Weißhaupt, C. Serra, J. Schulze, S. Chiussi

Electrical Characterization of Fabricated Pin Diodes Made from SixGe1-x-ySny with an Embedded Ge1-xSnx Quantum Well
P. Povolni, D. Schwarz, C.J. Clausen, Y. Elogail, H.S. Funk, M. Oehme, D. Weißhaupt, J. Schulze

Electrical Characterization of Pure Boron-on-Germanium Pin Diodes
L. Gebert, D. Schwarz, A. Elsayed, J. Schulze

Electrical Characterization of Low-Temperature Boron on Silicon Deposition Utilizing Molecular Beam Epitaxy
J.F. Dick, A. Elsayed, D. Schwarz, J. Schulze

Impact of Ultra-Thin-Layer Material Parameters on the Suppression of Carrier Injection in Rectifying Junctions Formed by Interfacial Charge Layers
T. Knežević, T. Suligoj, L.K. Nanver

Reverse Breakdown and Light-Emission Patterns Studied in Si PureB SPADs
M. Krakers, T. Knežević, L.K. Nanver

PIN-photodiode Based Active Pixel in 0.35 μm High-Voltage CMOS for Optical Coherence Tomography
M. Vlaskovic, H. Zimmermann, G. Meinhardt, J. Kraft, M. Sagmeister, J. Schoegler

Formation of Thin Film Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode by Electrochemical and Chemical Method
D. Resnik, B. Pečar, M. Možek, N. Lokar, D. Vrtačnik

Accelerating Simulation of Nanodevices Based on 2D Materials by Hybrid CPU-GPU Parallel Computing
M. Poljak, M. Glavan, S. Kuzmić

Voltage-to-Frequency Converter for Ultra-Low-Voltage Applications
D. Arbet, M. Kováč, V. Stopjaková, M. Potočný

Design of Sense Amplifiers for Non-Volatile Memory
I.P. Tolić, J. Mikulić, G. Schatzberger, A. Barić

Design Methodology of an On–Chip Inductor in 180 nm CMOS Technology
I. Brezovec, J. Mikulić, G. Schatzberger, A. Barić

Balanced RF Power Amplifier Design in Horizontal Current Bipolar Transistor (HCBT) Technology
Ž. Osrečki, J. Žilak, M. Koričić, T. Suligoj

Constant-Resistance Filters with Diplexer Architecture for S-Band Applications
A. Brizić, D. Babić

Design and Characterization of Bias Tee Used for S-parameter Characterization of Power Inductors
V. Major, J. Bačmaga, R. Gillon, A. Barić

High Speed DPWM for Digital Power Converter Controller
Y. Smirnov, V. Subotskaya, M. Tulupov, E. Bodano

Impact of Choke Selection on Performance of Current-Mode Class-D Amplifier in WPT System
D. Bilandžija, I. Biondić, D. Vinko

Soft-Start Circuit in Wireless Power Transmission System 
D. Vinko, I. Biondić, D. Bilandžija

Survey on the Generation of Equivalent Circuit Cable Models for Transient Simulation
M. Ibel, H. Hackl, B. Auinger, C. Stockreiter, B. Deutschmann

Time-Domain Response Simulation of Incident Field Coupling to Transmission Lines
T. Mandić, S. Op’t Landy, A. Barić

A Simple and Fast Tool for the Modelling of Inter-Symbol Interference and Equalization in High-Speed Chip-To-Chip Interfaces
A. Cortiula, M. Dazzi, M. Marcon, D. Menin, M. Scapol, A. Bandiziol, A. Cristofoli, W. Grollitsch, R. Nonis, P. Palestri

Design of Linear Arrays Forming Pencil Beams Based on Derivatives of Chebyshev Polynomials
M. Matijaščić, G. Molnar

Noise Improvement for Different BP Filter Designs
Z. Šverko, N. Stojković, S. Vlahinić, I. Markovinović

Low-Noise and Low-Sensitivity Coupled Fourth-Order Low-Pass Filters
A. Ćoza, D. Jurišić

Design of Magnetic Shielding from Space Radiation Using Numerical Methods
J. Kundrata, F. Merzel, S. Arsoski

A Proposal for Characterizing Global Light Pollution Using a LEO Nanosatellite
J. Bratulić, L.-M. Golušin, J. Rendulić, D. Stipić, J. Tutavac, D. Babić, S. Grgić, T. Grubeša

Application of the Combined Method for the Estimation of the RMS Measurement Error Caused by ADC Nonlinearity
A.N. Serov, N.A. Serov, V.D. Glushnev

Sizing CMOS Operational Transconductance Amplifiers Applying NSGA-II and MOEAD
O. Cuate, O. Schuetze, F. Grasso, E. Tlelo-Cuautle

A New Nonlinear Dynamical Model with Three Quadratic Nonlinear Terms and Hidden Chaos
S. Vaidyanathan, E. Tlelo-Cuautle, A. Sambas, F. Grasso

Detection Threshold for TVWS Spectrum Occupancy Determination in Urban Environments in Kosovo
Z. Limani Fazliu, H. Maloku, A. Mekuli, M. Ibrani

Quality Assessment of System for Automated Multi-Node Environmental Water Parameter Monitoring
M. Brkić, T. Keser, M. Vasiljević Toskić, J. Radić, M. Arbanas

Development of Voltage Source Converter Using HiL Simulation System
A. Perić, H. Pauković, M. Miletić, V. Šunde

Power Converter Circuits for Recuperation of the Regenerative Braking Energy in Rail Vehicles
I. Župan, A. Lasić, D. Krušelj, V. Šunde, Ž. Ban

Analysis of the Uninterruptible Power Supply Influences to the Power Grid
N. Pilat, A. Perić, Ž. Ban, V. Šunde

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