ICT and Electronics Convention

Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Hotel Admiral 
May 22 - 26, 2023 Opatija, Croatia


Vlado Sruk (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Dejan Škvorc (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

Program Committee:
Željko Hocenski (University of Osijek, Croatia)
Leonardo Jelenković (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Hrvoje Mlinarić (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Jadranko F. Novak (Nomen, Rijeka, Croatia)
Vlado Sruk (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Dejan Škvorc (University of Zagreb, Croatia)


Comparing the Use of Custom-built and Commercial Off-the-shelf Data Gathering Devices in IoT Systems

M. Saari, J. Harjamäki, M. Nurminen, P. Rantanen

Challenges of Combining Open and Commercial Data Sources in Visitor Mobility Estimations

J. Grönman, P. Rantanen, P. Sillberg, T. Pohjola, T. Jönkkäri

An Overview of Diffusion Models for Text Generation

H. Čeović, M. Šilić, G. Delač, K. Vladimir

An Overview of State-of-the-Art Solutions for Scene Text Detection

M. Džida, D. Vukadin, M. Šilić, G. Delač, K. Vladimir

A Transfer Learning Method for Hate Speech Detection

E. Šmuc, G. Delač, M. Šilić, K. Vladimir

Detection of Shilling Attacks on Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems by Combining Multiple Random Forest Models

V. Grozdanić, K. Vladimir, G. Delač, M. Šilić

High-Performance Serverless Request Generator: Capable of Generating a Hundred Thousand Requests Per Second

D. Mileski, M. Gusev

Future Dynamic Computing and User Profile Execution Considering User Migration in Social Media Contexts

A. Abiola Periola, A.A. Alonge, K.A. Ogudo

Brief Introduction to Active Noise Control

D. Miljković

Active Noise Control Using Waveform Synthesis with Improved Convergence and Tracking

D. Miljković

Higher-Level Experimental Prototype of a Control Device for Dynamic Beverage-Cooling Process

T. Špoljarić, B. Vuletić Komljen, Lj. Cvitaš, G. Malčić, J. Matuško, M. Miletić

Artificial Intelligence-based Predictive Fuel Blending Control for Flare Gas Mitigation

J. Kir Hromatko, Š. Ileš, R. Huljev, V. Vučković

Program Solution for Regulation and Monitoring of Evaporator Section in Individual Quick-Freezing Process

T. Špoljarić, D. Gadže, I. Šulekić

Electrical Profile of User with Photovoltaic System

I. Petrović, D. Koprivanac, E. Ciriković

Analiza rada fotonaponske elektrane radi optimizacije potrošnje energenata

D. Koprivanac, I. Petrović, I. Heđi

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