jubilee international convention on information,
communication and electronic technology
Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre, Hotel Admiral and Hotel Palace Bellevue

May 23 - 27, 2022 Opatija, Croatia


45th Jubilee International ICT Convention – MIPRO 2022

Focusing on Smart and Green Digital Ecosystems

The program of this year’s MIPRO conference points to the fact that ICT technology plays an important role in shaping society and contemporary life. The new EU guidelines “European twin to green and digital transition” and the application of advanced technologies support the transition process. These principles have been incorporated into the new Horizon Europe framework program, which now includes a technology component in the Digital Europe program. The EU and Croatia are at the stage of important strategic determinants defined in the Smart and Green Strategy. The introduction and application of new technologies play an important role in the implementation of the Reconstruction and Recovery Program. The creation of a new economy and market prosperity is only possible with rapid and high-quality adaptation to new paradigms and platforms. So far, economic growth has not been conditioned by limiting the consumption of natural resources. The result is the current crisis of natural (primary) resources (sources) with the risk of shortage of raw materials and rising prices, as well as environmental pollution. Today, more and more countries (guided by the recommendations of respected economists) are turning to new economic models that develop and create a new economy while protecting the environment. The transition to a green economy must be made through advanced resource management, the use of economic instruments to promote environmental protection, support for innovative projects, the implementation of more efficient energy, water and waste management, and the development of sustainable consumption and production. These activities rely heavily on ICT technology and represent the pursuit of smart and green transformation. Therefore, the theme of this year’s MIPRO is ICT in Smart and Green Digital Ecosystems in the light of today’s need and tomorrow’s sustainability. I wish everyone much success and satisfaction at the 45th Jubilee convention MIPRO 2022!

Academician Karolj Skala, PhD
International Program Committee General Chair


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