ICT and Electronics Convention

Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Hotel Admiral 
May 20 - 24, 2024 Opatija, Croatia

47th ICT and Electronics Convention – MIPRO 2024

ICST - An Emerging Ecosystem from Sand to Cloud

Sand, as a fundamental element of silicon, marks the beginning of the computing era and future technologies, since silicon is essential for producing semiconductor chips - the heart of today’s computers. Conversely, the cloud symbolizes the current era of Cloud computing, where application data and computer services are stored and processed on remote servers, accessible anywhere, anytime, via the internet. The extension of ICT to Information-Communication-Science Technologies (ICST) has developed over the past seven decades by dispersing technology from tangible matter to virtual space. We are entering an era where the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds will not only blur but also completely disappear. An era where our boldest technological achievements will seem like mere first steps into an infinite realm of possibilities. Today, we stand on the brink of technological singularity, where each short timeframe brings more innovations than entire decades before. Our generation not only witnesses but also shapes progress in ways history has never seen. This is not merely the era of ICST; it is the dawn of a new humanity, where every bit and byte, every line of code, is not just innovation but the creation of a new universe of possibilities.

Artificial intelligence brings a special leap, tirelessly learning, understanding, and surpassing our expectations. It is now a tool in the hands of humanity, a promise of a better, more efficient, and fairer future for all. This technology is our new companion on the journey towards the stars, illuminating paths that were hidden in the darkness of ignorance until yesterday. Together on this path of progression, we not only extend our hand towards technology but also reach out to shape the future, guided by fearless vision and unwavering determination.

At the 47th MIPRO convention, we are not merely participants in a technological revolution; we are its creators, its torchbearers. This is a call to action for all of us gathered here to embrace that future with open hearts and minds, ready not only to accept the challenges that come but also to shape the world in which these challenges will become our greatest strength. There is no better time to be at the forefront of ICST innovation than now, for every moment that comes is an opportunity to step into the unknown, a chance to leave a lasting mark on the digital fabric of our existence.

Let our joint mission at MIPRO be more than just an exchange of knowledge; let it be the spark that ignites the flame of innovation, lighting the way to a world where boundaries are infinitely expanded, and our possibilities are limitless. Our journey from sand to cloud is not just a reflection of our technological progress; it is the journey of the human spirit, imagination, and insatiable desire to create new worlds.

Esteemed participants, experts, and enthusiasts of ICST, welcome to the MIPRO conference – a place where minds dedicated to shaping the future through technological advancement meet.

Dear innovators, visionaries, and pioneers of the digital age, welcome to the confluence of thoughts and ideas that shape tomorrow’s digital ecosystem, a leap towards a future we could once only imagine. Fasten your digital seatbelts because you have just stepped into the vortex of an uncertain future, creating a legacy for the generations to come. Let our shared vision, our passion, and our innovations be the beacon that leads humanity towards a brighter, smarter, and more connected tomorrow. Thank you for being part of this incredible adventure. I look forward to inspiring conversations and collaborations during the 47th MIPRO 2024 convention.

Academician Karolj Skala, PhD

International Program Committee General Chair


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