ICT and Electronics Convention

Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Hotel Admiral 
May 22 - 26, 2023 Opatija, Croatia

46th ICT and Electronics Convention – MIPRO 2023

ICT for a Smart and Green Present and Future

We live in a challenging time when another generic technological achievement, machine intelligence, is being created on Earth. This is a historic time, as a new ecosystem is emerging that will act as an amplifier and complement to existing intelligence on Earth. The main technological enabler of these changes is ICT with the great support of advanced computing with all its additional environments. Intelligent (smart) innovative products and services are emerging, usually globalised, leading to significant changes in all areas of life. Never before has humanity faced such a challenge, a perspective, but also a threat that requires a very broad and deep engagement of experts in observing and managing pragmatic developmental changes. Therefore, the EC initiates the process of creating regulations for artificial intelligence to protect some civilisational achievements and good practices. In its programme, MIPRO also points to the fact that ICT technology plays an important role in shaping society and contemporary life. The EU and Croatia are at the stage of important strategic determinants defined in the “Smart and Green Strategy”. The introduction and application of new technologies plays an important role in the implementation of the Reconstruction and Recovery Programme. The creation of a new economy and prosperity in the market is only possible through rapid and quality adaptations to new paradigms and platforms. Today, more and more countries are turning to new economic models that preserve the environment and sustainability. There is a need for a transition to a smart economy through advanced management of resources and processes using artificial intelligence and advanced economic models that favour environmental protection, support innovative and optimised solutions and implement more effective policies for resource management and society as a whole. These activities rely heavily on ICT technology and represent the pursuit of smart and green transformation. Therefore, the motto of this year’s meeting is: ICT for a Smart and Green Present and Future in the light of today’s needs and tomorrow’s sustainability. I wish everyone much success and satisfaction at the 46th MIPRO 2023 Convention!

Academician Karolj Skala, PhD
International Program Committee General Chair


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