ICT and Electronics Convention

Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Hotel Admiral 
May 20 - 24, 2024 Opatija, Croatia


Stjepan Groš (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Tonimir Kišasondi (Apatura, 
Varaždin, Croatia)

Steering Committee:
Marin Golub (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Krešimir Grgić (University of Osijek, Croatia)
Miljenko Mikuc (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Toni Perković (Croatia)
Marin Vuković (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Drago Žagar (University of Osijek, Croatia)

Program Committee:
Stjepan Groš (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Tihomir Katulić (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Tonimir Kišasondi (Apatura, Varaždin, Croatia)
Boris Vrdoljak (University of Zagreb, Croatia)


Assessing Information Security Awareness among Secondary School Teachers

K. Klasan, I. Dunđer, S. Seljan

Forensic Analysis of the NIST Hacking Case: Integrating Autopsy Tools and Artificial Intelligence in Teaching Digital Forensics

D. Delija, G. Sirovatka, M. Žagar

Review of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 Implementation in Financial Institution - Case Study

A. Ćerimagić Hasibović, A. Tanović

Securing the Foundations of 6G: Innovative Intelligent Controls at the Physical Layer for Trustworthiness and Resilience

E. Leka, L. Lamani, E. Hoxha

Comparative Study on Online Security Awareness and Behavior among Healthcare Professionals in Croatia

K. Šolić, T. Velki, D. Matijašić-Bodalec, I. Fosić

Enhancing Security of Intermediate Devices in the Connection between IoT Devices and Cloud Service

D. Regvart, M. Mikuc, L. Zgrablić, Z. Morić

Analysis of Third-Party Data Leaks on Finnish Mental Health Websites

S. Rauti, E. Vuorinen, P. Puhtila, R. Carlsson

PiSecurityCheck: Server Security Check in a Hand

P. Treglia

Enhancing Digital Image Forensics with Error Level Analysis (ELA)

R. Idlbek, M. Pešić, K. Šolić

Security Challenges in Network Communication Caused by the Quic Protocol

K. Josić, S. Papić

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