ICT and Electronics Convention

Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Hotel Admiral 
May 22 - 26, 2023 Opatija, Croatia


Predrag Pale (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Branimir Pejčinović (Portland 
State University, United States)
Juraj Petrović (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

Steering Committee:
Leslie Martinich (Competitive Focus, Austin, TX, United States)
Predrag Pale (University of 
Zagreb, Croatia)

Program Committee:
Tomislav Jagušt (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Branimir Pejčinović (Portland State University, 
United States)
Juraj Petrović (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Ana Sović Kržić (University of 
Zagreb, Croatia)


Development of Renewable Energy Course for Electrical Engineering Program

F.R. Shahroury, I. Abuishmais, H.H. Ahmad

Hybrid Agile Approach in Software Engineering Education – A Case Study

M. Kaluža, S. Čandrlić, M. Ašenbrener Katić

Computer-supported Education of the Reserve Officers of the Armed Forces

M. Čolić

Design, Development and Control of a Ball-on-Beam Control System Using Industrial Equipment

N. Muškinja

Using the Matlab Programming Environment in the Course of Student Training in the Electrical Machines Discipline

V.S. Ruseva, A.H. Krasteva

Exploring Pre-scoring Clustering for Short Answer Grading

L. Petricioli, K. Skračić, J. Petrović, P. Pale

Identifying Higher Software Engineering Education’s Design-Reality Gaps in Rural India

P. Spiesberger, L. Bürstmayr, R. Vallon, T. Grechenig

Understanding the Teamwork Challenges of Software Engineering Students

L. Dorić, N. Luburić, J. Slivka, A. Kovačević

Stimulating (Open) Data Literacy at the Basis of Society: Approaches for Active Learning and Teaching to Young Children

I. Bosnić, A. Kuveždić Divjak, B. van Loenen

The Relationship between Extracurricular Activities and Student Achievement in the Affective Domain: The Case of a Vocational Electrical Engineering School

D. Delač, D. Purković

Academic Motivation of Sophomore and Junior Electrical Engineering Students

A. Gero, B. Catz

Teaching and Assessing Ethics in a Specialized Professional Skills Course

B. Pejčinović

Levels and Differences in Professional Identity in Engineering Undergraduates

V. Putarek, J. Petrović

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Mechanical Engineering Education

G. Ivanova, A. Ivanov, L. Zdravkov

Video Creation as a Catalyst of Value Change in Engineering Education

R. Habash, N.M. Abdulkadir

Ensuring Global Perspectives within Reading Lists to Increase Students’ Engagement

G.J. Collins

Virtual Electric Machines Laboratory, Requirements and Practical Realization

P.J. van Duijsen, D.C. Zuidervliet

Hierarchical Approach in Modeling and Simulation of Power Electronics for Education

P.J. van Duijsen, D.C. Zuidervliet

Teaching Introductory Parallel Programming Using Two-Player Online Games

S. Manoharan, X. Ye

Curriculum Development for Socially Responsible and Sustainably Acting Engineers

M. Derda, M. Wedel, M. Albrecht

Income Prospects of Engineering Graduates in Croatia

A. Tecilazić

Vertikalna i horizontalna usklađenost inženjerskog obrazovanja u Hrvatskoj: rezultati istraživanja EUROGRADUATE

A. Tecilazić, L. Mršić

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