international convention on information,
communication and electronic technology
Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Hotel Admiral,

September 27 - October 1, 2021, Opatija, Croatia



Predrag Pale (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Branimir Pejčinović (Portland State University, United States)
Juraj Petrović (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

Steering Committee
Leslie Martinich (Competitive Focus, Austin, TX, United States)
Predrag Pale (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

Program Committee
Tomislav Jagušt (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Branimir Pejčinović (Portland State University, United States)
Juraj Petrović (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Ana Sović Kržić (University of Zagreb, Croatia)


Innovative Transdisciplinar Didactical Models for STEM Teaching/Learning
B. Aberšek


Redesigning a Postgraduate Software Engineering Module to Increase Engagement 
G.J. Collins

Introducing Open Data Concepts to STEM Students Using Real-World Open Datasets 
I. Bosnić, I. Čavrak, A. Zuiderwijk

How to Teach Databases in a Student-Centered Environment - Oracle Academy Program Experiences 
F. Urem, D. Jureković, I. Livaja

A Course Gamification Model for the Development of Higher Order Thinking Skills 
D. Orozova, S. Hadzhikoleva, E. Hadzhikolev

Adaptive Approach of System-Engineering Project Management Skills Acquisition 
N. Venelinova, D. Antonova, I. Kostadinova

A Review of Lecture Capture Technology and Its Usage in Higher Education 
M.P. Bišćan, M. Milanović, J. Petrović, P. Pale

Teaching High-Frequency Circuit Design in Online Environment
B. Pejčinović

Integrating GNU Radio into a Virtual Course about Communication Systems 
T. Fuhrmann, M. Farmbauer, M. Niemetz

Using EEG Device in the Pilot Development of Cyber-Physical Learning Model
M. Veber, I. Pesek, B. Aberšek  

Automation and Measurement Classes for Power Engineering Students in the Online-Mode 
E.I. Merzlikina, N.S. Dolbikova, A.V. Kuznetsova, G.V. Farafonov

Power Electronics and Drives Laboratory Learning Environment for Electric Vehicles 
P.J. van Duijsen, D.C. Zuidervliet

Laboratory Setup for Teaching DC Grid Droop Control and Protection 
P.J. van Duijsen, D.C. Zuidervliet

Technology-Enhanced Active Learning Used for Teaching “Multiplexers and Demultiplexers”
A.N. Borodzhieva, I.D. Tsvetkova, D.V. Dimitrov

Remote Labs and Their Didactics in Engineering Education: A Case Study 
E.W. de Vries, H.J. Wörtche

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