ICT and Electronics Convention

Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Hotel Admiral 
May 20 - 24, 2024 Opatija, Croatia


Smart and Green Croatia - How to Achieve it?

Organizers: MIPRO and Končar Electrical Industry
Moderator: Mladen Perkov (Končar Electrical Industry, Zagreb, Croatia)
Participants: Hrvoje Balen, Nena Dokuzov, Gordana Kovačević, Božidar Poldrugač, Velimir Srića, Slavko Vidović, Ernest Vlačić

About Discussion:

In the past economic growth was based on the consumption of natural resources as if they were unlimited. The consequence is the current crisis of primary sources with the threat of shortage of raw materials and rising prices. Today, more and more states and businesses are turning to other models of the economy, according to which new value can be created without destroying the environment. There is a growing need to move towards green economy – through smart resource management, the use of environmentally friendly economic instruments, support for innovative projects, more effective energy, water and waste management, policies and efforts to develop sustainable consumption and production. Such activities represent the pursuit of green transformation.

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