international convention on information and
communication technology, electronics and microelectronics
Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Remisens Hotel Admiral,

May 20 - 24, 2019, Opatija, Croatia


Micro:bit as a Tool for Digital Literacy and Computational Thinking


MIPRO and Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity 

Ana Tolić (Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity)

Predrag Pale (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Croatia)

Research shows that children and teenagers, but also their teachers and parents worldwide have little knowledge about engineering-related professions, their activities and challenges.
School systems alone can’t solve this problem. An active engagement of parents and STEM professionals is also required.
This workshop showed its participants how to stimulate children’s and teenagers’ interest for ICT. It aimed to inspire participants to work with children and teenagers, encourage their interest in STEM fields, but also show them in what way they can help other STEM motivators. micro:bit will be used as an example technology for motivating and working with children and teenagers.

Expected outcomes:
Workshop participants had an opportunity to learn what can they do with children and teenagers in ICT, and also about the ways in which they can take part in STEM popularization processes, as well as how to help others who take part in STEM popularization.

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