ICT and Electronics Convention

Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Hotel Admiral 
May 22 - 26, 2023 Opatija, Croatia


Stjepan Groš (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Tonimir Kišasondi (Apatura, 
Varaždin, Croatia)


The Forensic Significance of Indexing Applications on the Windows Operating System

I. Špoljarić, D. Delija, G. Sirovatka

Implementation of Biometric Verification of a Fingerprint Whose Image is Taken from a Glass Surface

M. Knezović, M. Žagar, D. Delija, G. Sirovatka, D. Možnik

The Latest Developments and Future Perspectives of Artificial Intelligence Systems for In-Vehicle Communication Intrusion Detection

G. Marvin

Deep Learning within the Web Application Security Scope – Literature Review

M. Kaniški, J. Dobša, D. Kermek

Social Engineering Aspects of Email Phishing: An Overview and Taxonomy

I. Tomičić

Data Leaks to Third Parties in Web Services for Vulnerable Groups

R. Carlsson, S. Rauti, T. Heino

Privacy in Popular Children’s Mobile Applications: A Network Traffic Analysis

R. Carlsson, S. Rauti, S. Laato, T. Heino, V. Leppänen

Analysis of DMARC Implementation in Republic of Croatia

D. Pranić

Towards Improving Online Security Awareness Skills with Phishing and Spoofing Labs

A. Kerr, T. Hynninen

Secure, Accessible, Virtual Voting Infrastructure (SAVVI): Reducing Barriers for Disabled and Overseas Voters

T. Selker, J.M. Pelletier

JavaScript Library Version Detection

V. Pagon, B. Skendrović, I. Kovačević, S. Groš

Detecting JavaScript Libraries Using Identifiers and Hashes

S. Lončarević, B. Skendrović, I. Kovačević, S. Groš

Detection and Analysis of Obfuscated and Minified JavaScript in the Croatian Web Space

T. Dujmović, B. Skendrović, I. Kovačević, S. Groš

Forensic Implication of a Cyber-Enabled Fraud Taking Advantage of an Offline Adversary-in-the-Middle (AiTM) Attack

D.O. Lawal, D.W. Gresty, D.E. Gan, T.C. Durojaiye

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