international convention on information and
communication technology, electronics and microelectronics
Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Remisens Hotel Admiral,

May 20 - 24, 2019, Opatija, Croatia



Adrian Boukalov (EAI Belgium, Gent, Belgium), Dragan Čišić (University of Rijeka, Croatia)

Steering Committee
M. Airaksinen (Finnish Association of Civil Engineers, Helsinki, Finland), D. Jardas (Institution Regional Energy Agency Kvarner, Rijeka, Croatia), P. Kess (University of Oulu, Finland), S. Krile (University of Dubrovnik, Croatia), P. Timmers (University of Oxford, UK)

Program Committee
R. Delina (Technical University of Košice, Slovakia), B. Hlača (University of Rijeka, Croatia), G. Krajačić (University of Zagreb, Croatia), T. Moen (Smart Innovation Norway, Halden, Norway), D. Ogrizović (University of Rijeka, Croatia), M. Pavlić (RIS, Kastav, Croatia), A. Pucihar (University of Maribor, Slovenia), V. Rosato (ENEA Centro della Casaccia, Roma, Italy)


Creating Sustainable Solutions for Photovoltaics
W. Brenner, N. Adamovic

Use of Drone to Improve Healthcare Efficiency and Sustainability
L. Faramondi, G. Oliva, L. Ardito, A. Crescenzi, M. Caricato, M. Tesei, A. Onetti Muda, R. Setola

A Privacy-Oriented Solution for the Improvement of Workers Safety
L. Faramondi, P. Bragatto, C. Fiorevanti, M.G. Gnoni, S. Guarino, R. Setola 

LoRa-SDN: Providing Wireless IoT Edge Network Functions via SDN 
F. Holik, U. Roedig, N. Race

Analyses of Ecological and Energy Footprint as Indicators of Energy Management in the Transition to Sustainability Using Social Networks 
B. Mihajlovski, B. Fetaji, L. Abazi, M. Fetaji

Review of Discrete Simulation Modelling Use in the Context of Smart Cities
M. Jadrić, M. Ćukušić, D. Pavlić

Traffic State Estimation Using Speed Profiles and Convolutional Neural Networks
L. Tišljarić, T. Carić, T. Erdelić, M. Erdelić

Stakeholder Support as Critical Success Factor in Adopting Big Data Technologies for Smart Cities 
J. Pivar, N. Vlahović

Enhancing Occupants Comfort and Well-being through a Smart Office Setup 
A. Barišić, V. Amaral, M. Challenger

Innovative Predictive Model for Smart City Security Risk Assessment
L. Franchina, A. Socal 

Digitalization and Smart Islands in the Kvarner Archipelago
M. Mimica, G. Krajačić, D. Medved, D. Jardas

Autonomous Mobility and User Perception: A Case of City as a Lab in Slovenia
I. Zajc, R. Sernec, G. Lenart, A. Pucihar 

The European Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Centre (EISAC) Initiative and Its Technological Assets 
V. Rosato, A. Tofani, A. Di Pietro, M. Pollino, S. Giovinazzi, L. Lavalle, G. D`Agostino 

Comparative Analysis of the Selected Practices in the Field of Urban Logistics of the Polish Cities 
M. Zysińska 

Unleashing the Power of Urban Living Labs to Make our Cities Humanly Smart
F. Molinari, B. Kovačić 

The Potential of Mobile Energy Storage in Microgrids
H.H. Abdeltawab, Y.A.I. Mohamed

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