international convention on information,
communication and electronic technology
Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Hotel Admiral,

September 27 - October 1, 2021, Opatija, Croatia



Vlado Sruk (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Dejan Škvorc (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

Program Committee
Željko Hocenski (University of Osijek, Croatia)
Leonardo Jelenković (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Hrvoje Mlinarić (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Jadranko F. Novak (Nomen, Rijeka, Croatia)
Vlado Sruk (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Dejan Škvorc (University of Zagreb, Croatia)


IIR Filters Designed for Comparison and Minimum-Order Design Exploration Using Matlab
L. Lažeta, I. Marković, V. Šimović

Dynamic Priority Assignment in FreeRTOS Kernel for Improving Performance Metrics
K. Salamun, I. Pavić, H. Džapo

Framework for Evaluation of Schedulability Tests for Mixed-Criticality Systems
I. Pavić, H. Džapo

Ultra-Low Power Microcontroller Selection for Smart Sticker Design
J. Zidar, T. Matić, F. Sušac, I. Aleksi

Infrared Sensor – Based Temperature Control for E.G.O. Induction Cooktop 
A. Smrke, I. Smrke, T. Smrke

Power Management System for Electric and Hybrid Marine Vessels
K. Blašković 

Fault Detection Using Limit Checking: A Brief Introductory Review
D. Miljković

Cymatics for Visual Representation of Aircraft Engine Noise
D. Miljković

Architecture of Connectivity-Aware Redundancy Control Module for Distributed Resource Management in InfaaS-AP
K. Taniguchi, Y. Watashiba, S. Date, S. Shimojo

Framework for Real-Time Parallel and Distributed Natural Language Processing
D. Mileski, V. Zdraveski, M. Kostoska, M. Gusev

Parallelization of a Neural Network Algorithm for Handwriting Recognition: Can we Increase the Speed, Keeping the Same Accuracy
D. Todorov, V. Zdraveski, M. Kostoska, M. Gusev

TPC-H Benchmark Q3, Q6 and Q12 Sequential, OpenMP Parallel and CUDA Parallel Implementation
J. Mitrovski, L. Djinevski, M. Gusev, S. Arsenovski

Airport Modeling Software as a Tool for Assessing Airport Complexity and Decision Making
M. Šabić, E. Šimić, M. Begović

Unified Framework to Select an IoT Platform for Industrial Energy Management Systems
M. Ullah, A. Narayanan, A. Wolff, P.H.J. Nardelli

Smart Grid Information Processes Using IoT and Big Data with Cloud and Edge Computing
M. Ullah, A. Narayanan, A. Wolff, P.H.J. Nardelli

Three-Layer IoT Node Model for Simpler Custom IoT Deployments
L. Jelenković

The Requirements and Challenges of Visualizing Building Data
M. Nurminen, A. Lindstedt, M. Saari, P. Rantanen

DataSites: a Simple Solution for Providing Building Data to Client Applications
M. Nurminen, M. Saari, P. Rantanen

Leveraging Smartphones for Distributed Global Navigation Satellite System Post-Processing
A. Ivanovski, V. Zdraveski, M. Gusev, M. Kostoska

Vehicle Mirror Replacement System
I. Zovak, R. Grbić, B. Jelić, D. Samardžija

Container Manager for Multiple Container Runtimes 
P. Stanojević, S. Usorac, N. Stanojev

Android Runtime Service Optimization for Execution Inside LXC 
A. Obradov, S. Usorac, M. Antić

Pattern Search Algorithm in FPGA Implementation View 
D. Ivošević

FPGA Design and Implementation of Driving Lane Detection on Zynq-7000 SoC
M. Martin, R. Grbić, M. Subotić, I. Kaštelan

Podizanje razine sigurnosti plovidbe upotrebom sustava daljinskog nadzora na objektima pomorske signalizacije
I. Karin, N. Račić, I. Torlak, T. Peša

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