ICT and Electronics Convention

Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Hotel Admiral 
May 22 - 26, 2023 Opatija, Croatia


Vlado Sruk (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Dejan Škvorc (University of 
Zagreb, Croatia)

Program Committee:
Željko Hocenski (University of Osijek, Croatia)
Leonardo Jelenković (University of Zagreb, 
Hrvoje Mlinarić (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Jadranko F. Novak (Nomen, Rijeka, 
Vlado Sruk (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Dejan Škvorc (University of Zagreb, Croatia)


Electronic Unit for Controlling the Operation of the Device with a Flooded Evaporator
Lj. Cvitaš, B. Vuletić Komljen, T. Špoljarić, M. Miletić, G. Malčić

Control of Flooded Evaporator in a Beer Dispenser Unit
N. Šare, B. Vuletić Komljen, K. Osman, J. Matuško

Modelling and Experimental Verification of Device with a Submerged Evaporator for Beer Cooling
N. Šare, B. Vuletić Komljen, J. Matuško, K. Osman

Analysis of the Impact of Reactive Power Compensation on the Electric Power Quality of the LV Consumers in Distribution Networks of Various Characteristics
D. Ćetković, G. Klobučar, V. Komen

Testing Direct Yaw Moment Control Using a Scaled Car and a Roadway Simulator
I. Šolc, P. Makarun, J. Kir Hromatko, Š. Ileš

Implementation of Process Flow Measurements in Pressure Pipelines in a Hydropower Plant
K. Osman, K. Špehar

Concept for Active Attenuation of Aircraft Rotor Noise Using Ultrasonic Speakers
D. Miljković

Aircraft Piston Engine Problem Detection Using CHT-EGT Trajectory
D. Miljković

Survey of Component-Based Software Engineering within IoT Development
M. Saari, M. Nurminen, P. Rantanen

Comparison of Different Acceleration Sensors for Low Power Vibrations and Shock Detection in Supply Chain
J. Zidar, I. Aleksi, T. Matić, D. Žagar

Monitoring of Plant Growth Using Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor and Camera
J. Đurić, M. Matijević, A. Mahmutović, M. Ivankić

Airport Delay Prediction Using Machine Learning Regression Models as a Tool for Decision Making Process
E. Šimić, M. Begović

Network Traffic Impact on Cloud Usage at Different Providers
V. Bidikov, M. Gusev, V. Markozanov

Serverless FaaS Scalability Evaluation: An ECG Signal Processing Use Case
D. Mileski, M. Gusev

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