jubilee international convention on information and
communication technology, electronics and microelectronics
Grand hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Hotel Admiral,

May 22 - 26, 2017, Opatija, Adriatic Coast, Croatia



Marko Koričić (University of Zagreb, Croatia), Željko Butković (University of Zagreb, Croatia), Petar Biljanović (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

Steering Committee
S. Amon (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), D. Babić (SEMICRO, Croatia), M. Ferrari (CNR-IFN, PovoTrento, Italy), M. Ivanda (Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia), B. Pejčinović (Portland State University, USA), T. Suligoj (University of Zagreb, Croatia), A. Szabo (IEEE Croatia Section)


Secure Connections for a Smarter World 
R. Surdeanu 


Thermal Induced Phase Separation in Pseudomorphically Grown GeSn Alloys
L. Haenel, G. Alsharif, S. Baldock, N. Halcovitch, O. Kolosov, M. Oehme, A. Robson, J. Spiece, J. Schulze


Active Learning, Labs and Maker-spaces in Microwave Circuit Design Courses 
B. Pejcinovic

A Learning Tool for Synthesis, Visualization, and Editing of Programming for Simple Programmable Logic Devices 
M. Čupić, K. Brkić, Ž. Mihajlović

Active-Learning Implementation Proposal for Course Electronics at Undergraduate Level 
T. Mandić, A. Barić

Decision Trees in Formative Procedural Knowledge Assessment
J. Petrović, P. Pale 

Glass Based Structures Fabricated by Rf-Sputtering 
A. Chiasera, F. Scotognella, D. Dorosz, G. Galzerano, A. Lukowiak, D. Ristić, G. Speranza, I. Vasilchenko, A. Vaccari, S. Valligatla, S. Varas, L. Zur, M. Ivanda, A. Martucci, G.C. Righini, S. Taccheo, R. Ramponi, M. Ferrari

Piezoresistive Effect in Composite Films Based on Polybenzimidazole and Few-Layered Graphene 
V.A. Kuznetsov, B.C. Kholkhoev, A.Y. Stefanyuk, V.G. Makotchenko, A.S. Berdinsky, A.I. Romanenko, V.F. Burdukovskii, V.E. Fedorov

Local Growth of Graphene on Cu and Cu0.88Ni0.12 Foil Substrates  
H.S. Funk, J. Ng, N. Kamimura, Y.-H. Xie, J. Schulze 

Growth of Patterned GeSn and GePb Alloys by Pulsed Laser Induced Epitaxy
J. Schlipf, J.L. Frieiro, I.A. Fischer, C. Serra, J. Schulze, S. Chiussi

Impact of Sn Segregation on Ge1-xSnx epi-Layers Growth by RP-CVD 
D. Weisshaupt, P. Jahandar, G. Colston, P. Allred, J. Schulze, M. Myronov 

Tungsten Dichalcogenides as Possible Gas-Sensing Elements 
V.A. Kuznetsov, A.Y. Ledneva, S.B. Artemkina, M.N. Kozlova, G.E. Yakovleva, A.S. Berdinsky, A.I. Romanenko, V.E. Fedorov

Flicker Noise in AlGaAs/GaAs High Electron Mobility Heterostructure Field-Effect Transistor at Cryogenic Temperature 
S. Mouetsi, F. Zouach, D. Rechem 

Device Performance Tuning of Ge Gate-All-Around Tunneling Field Effect Transistors by Means of Gesn: Potential and Challenges 
E.G. Rolseth, A. Blech, I.A. Fischer, Y. Hashad, R. Koerner, K. Kostecki, A. Kruglov, V.S. Senthil Srinivasan, M. Weiser, T. Wendav, K. Busch, J. Schulze 

Band-Structure of Ultra-Thin InGaAs Channels: Impact of Biaxial Strain and Thickness Scaling
S. Krivec, M. Poljak, T. Suligoj

Perimeter Effects from Interfaces in Ultra-Thin Layers Deposited on Nanometer-Deep p+n Silicon Junctions
T. Knežević, L.K. Nanver, T. Suligoj 

Analysis of Hot Carrier-Induced Degradation of Horizontal Current Bipolar Transistor 
J. Žilak, M. Koričić, T. Suligoj 

Impact of the Local p-well Substrate Parameters on the Electrical Performance of the Double-Emitter Reduced-Surface-Field Horizontal Current Bipolar Transistor 
M. Koričić, J. Žilak, T. Suligoj 

Characterization of Measurement System for High-Precision Oscillator Measurements 
I. Brezovec, M. Magerl, J. Mikulić, G. Schatzberger, A. Barić 

Temperature Calibration of an On-Chip Relaxation Oscillator 
J. Mikulić, I. Brezovec, M. Magerl, G. Schatzberger, A. Barić

Model of High-Efficiency High-Current Coupled Inductor Two-Phase Buck Converter 
V.C. Valchev, O.P. Stanchev, G.T. Nikolov 

Analog to Digital Signal Converters for BiCMOS Quaternary Digital Systems 
D. Bundalo, Z. Bundalo, D. Pašalić, B. Cvijić

Ultra-Wideband Pulse Generator for Time-Encoding Wireless Transmission 
L. Šneler, M. Herceg, T. Matić 

Spectral-Efficient UWB Pulse Shapers Generating Gaussian and Modified Hermitian Monocycles
A. Miloš, G. Molnar, M. Vučić 

Design of Multiplierless CIC Compensators Based on Maximum Passband Deviation 
G. Molnar, A. Dudarin, M. Vučić 

Adaptive State Observer Development Using Recursive Extended Least-Squares Method 
N.N. Nikolov, M.I. Alexandrova, V.C. Valchev, O.P. Stanchev

Inverter Current Source for Pulse-Arc Welding with Improved Parameters 
V.C. Valchev, D.D. Mareva, D.D. Yudov, R.S. Stoyanov

Power Output Comparison of Three Phase Passive Converter Circuits for Wind Driven Generators
V.C. Valchev, P.V. Yankov, A. Van den Bossche 

Dynamic Range Optimization and Noise Reduction by Low-Sensitivity, Fourth-Order, Band-Pass Filters Using Coupled General-Purpose Biquads 
E. Emanović, D. Jurišić

A Circular Economy for Photovoltaic Waste - the Vision of the European Project CABRISS 
W. Brenner, N. Adamovic  

Smart Farm Computing Systems for Animal Welfare Monitoring 
M. Caria, J. Schudrowitz, A. Jukan, N. Kemper

Power Management Circuit for Energy Harvesting Applications with Zero-Power Charging Phase 
D. Vinko

System for Early Condensation Detection and Prevention in Residential Buildings 
M. Marcelić, R. Malarić 

FEM Analysis and Design of a Voltage Instrument Transformer for Digital Sampling Wattmeter 
M. Dadić, K. Petrović, R. Malarić 

Random Number Generation with LFSR Based Stream Cipher Algorithms 
T. Tuncer, E. Avaroğlu 

RAM-Based Mergers for Data Sort and Frequent Item Computation 
A. Rjabov, V. Sklyarov, I. Skliarova, A. Sudnitson