international convention on information and
communication technology, electronics and microelectronics
Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Remisens Hotel Admiral,

May 21 - 25, 2018, Opatija, Adriatic Coast, Croatia



Marko Koričić (University of Zagreb, Croatia), Željko Butković (University of Zagreb, Croatia), Petar Biljanović (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

Steering Committee
S. Amon (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), D. Babić (SEMICRO, Croatia), M. Ferrari (CNR-IFN, Povo- Trento, Italy), M. Ivanda (Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia), B. Pejčinović (Portland State University, USA), T. Suligoj (University of Zagreb, Croatia), A. Szabo (IEEE Croatia Section)


PADS – Electronic Product Creation Platform 
B. Brezina (EDMD Solutions Ltd., Zagreb, Croatia)

When Analysis Becomes Mandatory for PCB Design
B. Brezina (EDMD Solutions Ltd., Zagreb, Croatia)


An Experimental View on PureB Silicon Photodiode Device Physics
L.K. Nanver 


Characterization of Thin Boron Layers Grown on Silicon Utilizing Molecular Beam Epitaxy for Ultra-Shallow Pn-Junctions
A. Elsayed, J. Schulze 

Non-linear Behavior of Al-contacted Pure Amorphous Boron (PureB) Devices at Low Temperatures
T. Knežević, L.K. Nanver, I. Capan, T. Suligoj 

Impact of TCAD Model Parameters on Optical and Electrical Characteristics of Radiation-Hard Photodiode in 0.35μm CMOS Technology
F. Šegmanović, F. Roger, G. Meinhardt, I. Jonak-Auer, T. Suligoj  

Simulation-Based Optimization of Ge-PIN-Photodiodes with Al Nanohole Arrays for Refractive Index  Sensing
Y. Kawaguchi, L. Augel, H. Uchida, M. Inoue, J. Schulze, I.A. Fischer

Performance of C6H8O7-Treated and H- and Cl-Passivated Ge-MOS-Capacitances on Ge-Virtual-Substrate on Si(001)
L.A. Hänel, Y. Elogail, D. Schwarz, I.A. Fischer, J. Schulze

Optical Characterization of Highly n-Type Doped Ge0.95Sn0.05 Rod Antennas on Si(001) Substrates
F. Berkmann, L. Augel, M.B. Schilling, A. Berrier, D. Schwarz, D. Weißhaupt, M. Oehme, J. Schulze, I.A. Fischer

Transition Metal Polysulfides and their Potential Applications
S.B. Artemkina, E.D. Grayfer, M.N. Kozlova, P.A. Poltarak, A.A. Poltarak, V.E. Fedorov 

Possibility of Developing Coplanar Isolator via Deposited YIG Thin Films
T. Boudiar, E. Verney, S. Capraro 

Analysis and Modeling of Capacitive Electrodes for Insulin Dose Detection
M.A. Paun, C. Dehollain

Analysis of GaN MagFETs Compatible with RF Power Technology 
S. Faramehr, B.R. Thomas, N. Janković, J.E. Evans, M.P. Elwin, P. Igić 

Simulation Study of a Deep-Trench LDMOS with Bilateral Super-Junction Drift Regions
J.J. Cheng, P. Li, W.Z. Chen, B. Yi, X.B. Chen

Simulation Study on the High-k SJ-VDMOS with Gradient Side-Wall
W.Z. Chen, J.J. Cheng, J. Lin, X.B. Chen

Analysis of Tunable BVCEO in Horizontal Current Bipolar Transistor with Floating Field Plates
M. Koričić, J. Žilak, Ž. Osrečki, T. Suligoj

Large-Signal Characterization of Horizontal Current Bipolar Transistor (HCBT) by Load-Pull Measurements
Ž. Osrečki, J. Žilak, M, Koričić, T. Suligoj 

Timing Closure of Clock Enable Signals on a 32 nm Intel Itanium Processor
B. Malnar, G. Zelic 

Modelling of a Transmission Line Pulse Measurement Setup
M. Magerl, B. Courivaud, C. Stockreiter, A. Barić 

A Unary Coded Current Steering DAC with Sequential Stepping of the Thermometer Coded Register in 1 and 2 LSB Steps
S. Bramburger, P. Pitonak, D. Killat

Bulk-Driven Fully Differential Difference Amplifier for Ultra-Low Voltage Applications
D. Arbet, M. Kováč, V. Stopjaková, M. Potočný 

Minimizing Switching Time of Energy Harvesting Management Circuit
D. Vinko 

Driver for 3D-Integrated Nonlinear Microring Resonator-Based Optical Modulators
N. Vokić, B. Goll, H. Zimmermann 

10-MSymbols/s QAM-16 Externally-Modulated Optical Link for Radio-Over-Fiber Applications
M. Vukomanović, M. Šprem, Z. Šipuš, D. Babić 

Sharpened Raised-Cosine FIR Filters
G. Molnar, M. Babić, Z. Šipuš 

Closed-Form Approximations of Hilbert Transforms of Gaussian Derivatives Based on Weighted Polynomial Fitting
G. Molnar, A. Miloš, M. Vučić 

Influence of Distributed Resistors in Integrated Active-RC Filters
D. Jurišić, E. Emanović, G.S. Moschytz 

Standardization as a Tool for Promoting Innovation and Commercialization of a Circular Economy for PV Waste - the Example of the European H2020 Project CABRISS 
W.Brenner, N. Adamovic

Analysis of Real-Time Kinematic Samples Error for Sensor Fusion Applications
S. Tepić, M. Ferenčević, H. Džapo 

Link Budget Analysis for a Proposed Cubesat Earth Observation Mission
D. Barbarić, J. Vuković, D. Babić

Automated System for the Measurement of AC Magnetization Characteristics
M. Dadić, M. Jurčević, K. Petrović, B. Ivšić, R. Malarić 

Implementation of a Low-Cost Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscope
B. Ćerimagić, A. Akšamović, D. Bošković 

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