international convention on information and
communication technology, electronics and microelectronics
Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Remisens Hotel Admiral,

May 21 - 25, 2018, Opatija, Adriatic Coast, Croatia



Vlado Sruk (University of Zagreb, Croatia), Leonardo Jelenković (University of Zagreb, Croatia), Dejan Škvorc (University of Zagreb, Croatia), Jadranko F. Novak (Nomen, Croatia)

Steering Committee 
M. Colnarič (University of Maribor, Slovenia), Ž. Hocenski (University of Osijek, Croatia), N. Guid (University of Maribor, Slovenia)


Industry 4.0: Technology Megatrends and Danieli Automation DIGI&MET Solution for a Smart Plant
G. Brunetti 

Robotics in the Field of METALS: Solutions and Trends
D. Corsini


Comparison of Computer Forensics Investigation Models for Cloud Environment
A. Huseinović, S. Mrdović 

Performance Impact of DVFS for Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Tesla K40 GPU
H. Astsatryan, W. Narsisian, A. Poghosyan, A. Shahinyan 

Memory-Aware Multiobjective Design Space Exploration of Heteregeneous MPSoC
N. Frid, V. Sruk

Gamification in Sport – Improving Motivation for Recreational Sport
Đ. Pašić, D. Kučak

LoRa - A Survey of Recent Research Trends
M. Saari, A. Muzaffar bin Baharudin, P. Sillberg, S. Hyrynsalmi, W. Yan 

Low-Cost Ultrasound Measurement System for Accurate Detection of Container Utilization Rate
J. Grönman, P. Rantanen, M. Saari, P. Sillberg, J. Vihervaara

Optimization of the Structures Locations Using a Genetic Algorithm in the Transmission Line Design
E. Kalajac, A. Karabegović, M. Ponjavić

Implementation of a Management and Scheduling Platform for the Waste Management Process in Urban Areas
T. Tutundžić, A. Akšamović

Cost-Effective Mobile Manipulation System
D. Kovač, R. Grbić, P. Đurović, R. Cupec

Modelling Thermal Transients in Controlled Double Skin Façade Building by Using Renowned Energy Simulation Engines
Z. Eškinja, L. Miljanić, O. Kuljača 

E/2 IR Module for Regulation of Temperature Controlled Cooking Process
A. Smrke, T. Smrke, I. Smrke 

Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers in Optimal Control of Systems of Systems
V. Živković, B. Novoselnik, M. Baotić 

Methods for Attenuation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Noise
D. Miljković

Simple Secondary Path Modeling for Active Noise Control Using Waveform Synthesis
D. Miljković  

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