jubilee international convention on information,
communication and electronic technology
Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre, Hotel Admiral and Hotel Palace Bellevue

May 23 - 27, 2022 Opatija, Croatia


SPD - Smart Product Development through Digital Ecosystems of Smart Industry

Organizers: MIPRO and InfoDom

Slavko Vidović (InfoDom d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia)
Goran Marković (InfoDom d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia)


The workshop aims to present the generic architecture of Smart Product which is at the heart of Smart Industry outcomes. Smart Products can accelerate the industrial transition toward Smart Industry 5.0. Digital ecosystems, with associated virtual communities, represent new forms of organizing outside processes (partner companies and public institutions), for collaboration values the and the common good.

In today`s dynamic and highly competitive context, organizations should be active actors and capable to adapt new technologies and environmental changes.

In this way, both economic entities and the public management, as well as academia, increase their relational capital to realize their missions, visions, and strategic goals. With cooperation companies and other, organizations want to be as innovative as possible because they individually do not have enough innovation capacity. They leverage a network of complementors and partners to be more creative through Open Innovation principles throughout the ecosystem. The fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), as a consequence of technological changes and accelerated global development, has spawned the concept of Smart Industry (SI) as a new strategic framework for the development economy, with the undeniable and urgent need for cooperation with government and academia. The smart Product concept is based on three digital platforms: execution platform, service management platform (based on digital twins), and Digital Factory Platform (software development and data engineering). Smart Product Development methodology has PLM integration methodology and three digital platform methodologies for specific platforms.

The workshop is held in Croatian. 

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