international convention on information and
communication technology, electronics and microelectronics
Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Remisens Hotel Admiral,

May 20 - 24, 2019, Opatija, Croatia


CIS - Intelligent Systems

Slobodan Ribarić (University of Zagreb, Croatia), Andrea Budin (Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, Croatia)


An Overview and Comparison of Free Python Libraries for Data Mining and Big Data Analysis 
I. Stančin, A. Jović 

Web Tool for Graph Embeddings Representation Techniques Evaluation
I. Ivanoska, M. Milenkovski, S. Kalajdziski, K. Trivodaliev

Distillation of a CNN for a High Accuracy Mobile Face Recognition System
F. Guzzi, L. De Bortoli, S. Marsi, S. Carrato, G. Ramponi 

Deep Image Captioning: An Overview
I. Hrga, M. Ivašić-Kos

Using High Performance Computing in Vehicles to Create Image Datasets for Deep Learning 
B. Malnar, A. Unnervik, N. Köse Cihangir

Emotion Classification Based on Convolutional Neural Network Using Speech Data 
N. Vrebčević, I. Mijić, D. Petrinović

Feature Selection for Improved Classification of Protein Structures
G. Mirceva, I. Ivanoska, A. Naumoski, A. Kulakov

Analysing the Influence of Two Simularity Metrics on the Ant Colony Optimisation Based Fuzzy-Rough Feature Selection Algorithm 
A. Naumoski, I. Ivanoska, G. Mirceva

A Novel NLP-FUZZY System Prototype for Information Extraction from Medical Guidelines 
L. Begić Fazlić, A. Hallawa, A. Schmeink, A. Peine, L. Martin, G. Dartmann

Improving Case-Based Reasoning with the Aid of Multi-Criteria and Group Decision-Making Methods 
G.S. Maltugueva, A.Y. Yurin

Digital Archives Supporting Document Content Inference 
E. Cherkashin, A. Shigarov, V. Paramonov, A. Mikhailov 

Multiagent Technology for Parallel Implementation of Boolean Constraint Method for Qualitative Analysis of Binary Dynamic Systems 
V.G. Bogdanova, S.A. Gorsky

Exploring Keystroke Dynamics and Stylometry Features for Gender Prediction on Chatting Data 
G. Li, P. Rezaee Borj, L. Bergeron, P. Bours

People Counting in a Public Event - Use Case: Free-to-Ride Bus 
J. Grönman, P. Sillberg, P. Rantanen, M. Saari 

Early Forest Fire Detection Using Drones and Artificial Intelligence 
D. Kinaneva, G. Hristov, J. Raychev, P. Zahariev

Fuzzy Models for Managing a Micro Grid PV System 
P.V. Georgieva, R. Dolchinkov

Intelligent Data Service for Farmers
P. Linna, N. Narra, J. Grönman

Short-Term Forecasting of Electricity Consumption Using Artificial Neural Networks - an Overview 
I. Barić, R. Grbić, E.K. Nyarko

Semantic Approach in Encoding of the Meanings in Bulgarian Folklore Embroidery in Digital Libraries
D. Baeva, B. Baev

Deep Learning Advancements: Closing the Gap 
A. Stipić, T. Bronzin, B. Prole, K. Pap

A Method for Estimating Variations in Speech Tempo from Recorded Speech
A. Stojanović, N. Lazić

Crowd Motion Pattern Detection at the Microscopic Level
D. Marčetić, L. Maleš, S. Ribarić

Reverse Engineering of the MMORPG Client Protocol 
I. Tomičić, P. Grd, M. Schatten 

A Clustering Model for Time-Series Forecasting 
R. Čorić, M. Ðumić, S. Jelić

Towards Reusable Process-Based Models of Dynamical Systems: A Case Study in the Domain of Aquatic Ecosystems 
I. Tolovski, A. Kostovska, N. Simidjievski, Lj. Todorovski, S. Džeroski, P. Panov

A Parallel Heuristic for a k-Medoids Clustering Problem with Unfixed Number of Clusters
A.V. Ushakov, I. Vasilyev

Computational Study of Time Constrained Influence Maximization Problem under Deterministic Linear Threshold Model for Networks with Nonuniform Thresholds 
S. Kochemazov, A. Semenov

Thermal Imaging Dataset for Person Detection
M. Krišto, M. Ivašić-Kos

Software Development for Rule-Based Spreadsheet Data Extraction and Transformation
A. Shigarov, V. Khristyuk, A. Mikhailov, V. Paramonov

Event Trees Transformation for Rule Bases Engineering
A.F. Berman, N.O. Dorodnykh, O.A. Nikolaychuk, A.Y. Yurin

National Access Point for Provision of EU-wide Multimodal Travel Information Services
K. Vidović, S. Mandžuka, M. Šoštarić 

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