international convention on information,
communication and electronic technology
Grand Hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Remisens Hotel Admiral,

September 28 - October 2, 2020, Opatija, Croatia



Slobodan Ribarić (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Andrea Budin (Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, Croatia)

Program Committee
Patrizio Campisi (Roma Tre University, Italy)
Bojan Cukic (UNC Charlotte, United States)
Ivo Ipšić (University of Rijeka, Croatia)
Marina Ivašić-Kos (University of Rijeka, Croatia)
Zongmin Ma (Nanjing University, China)
Neeta Nain (MNIT Jaipur, India)
Nikola Pavešić (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Vitomir Štruc (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Zheng-Hua Tan (Aalborg University, Denmark)


Automation of a Decision Tree Conversion into a Fuzzy Inference System Using ANTLR 
S.S. Sosinskaya, R.S. Dorofeev, A.S. Dorofeev, T.R. Usenko

A Randomized Load Balancing Criteria using Traffic flow in SDN
P. Choudhary, P. Thota

Data Cleaning Techniques in Detecting Tendencies in Software Engineering
P. Georgieva, E. Nikolova, D. Orozova

Automatic Machine Translation of Poetry and a Low-Resource Language Pair
I. Dunđer, S. Seljan, M. Pavlovski

Human Quality Evaluation of Machine-Translated Poetry
S. Seljan, I. Dunđer, M. Pavlovski

Using Decision Diagrams of Special Kind for Compactification of Conflict Data Bases Generated by CDCL SAT Solvers
V. Kondratiev, I. Otpuschennikov, A. Semenov

Detecting Objects in Drone Imagery: a Brief Overview of Recent Progress
S. Sambolek, M. Ivašić-Kos

Individualization of Anonymous Identities Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
T. Bronzin, B. Prole, A. Stipić, K. Pap

Towards the Open Ontology for IoT Ecosystem’s Security
I. Tomičić, P. Grd

Decision Tree Algorithm for Control of Compressor Multiset in Refrigeration Industry
I. Šulekić, D. Milinković, T. Špoljarić

GIS Analysis of Basketball Courts and Healthy Stores Relationship for Young Population in the City of Skopje
N. Stojanova, R. Vignjevikj, A. Naumoski

Decentralized Trustless Gossip Training of Deep Neural Networks
R. Šajina, N. Tanković, D. Etinger

Discrete Bat Algorithm for Event Planning Optimization
S. Delalić, A. Alihodžić, M. Tuba, E. Selmanović, D. Hasić

A Conceptual Network Analysis of Gamification Practices in Primary and Secondary Education
I. Tomičić, M. Schatten

Adaptive Rolling Window Selection for Minimum Variance Portfolio Estimation Based on Reinforcement Learning
B. Gašperov, F. Šarić, S. Begušić, Z. Kostanjčar

Synthetic Astronomical Image Sequence Generation
A. Gribl, D. Petrinović

Novel Class Detection in Non-stationary Streaming Environment with a Discriminative Classifier
R. Šajina, N. Tanković, D. Etinger

Evaluation of Diatoms Biodiversity Models by Applying Different Discretization on the Class Attribute
A. Naumoski, G. Mirceva, K. Mitreski

Classifying Protein Structures by Using Protein Ray Based Descriptor, KNN and FuzzyKNN Classification Methods
G. Mirceva, A. Naumoski, A. Kulakov

An Analysis of Early Use of Deep Learning Terms in Natural Language Processing
B. Dalbelo Bašić, M.P. di Buono

On Automated Workflow for Fine-Tuning Deepneural Network Models for Table Detection In Document Images
I. Cherepanov, A. Mikhailov, A. Shigarov, V. Paramonov

StimSeqOnt: An Ontology for Formal Description of Multimedia Stimuli Sequences
M. Horvat

Machine Learning Model for Detecting High School Students as Candidates for Drop-Out from a Study Program
Đ. Pašić, D. Kučak

Evaluation of Structural Hyperparameters for Text Classification with LSTM Networks
M. Frković, N. Čerkez, B. Vrdoljak, S. Skansi

On Checking Controllability of Specification Languages for DES
A. Davydov, A. Larionov, N. Nagul

A Note on Geometric Calibration of Multiple Cameras and Projectors
T. Petković, S. Gasparini, T. Pribanić

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