jubilee international convention on information and
communication technology, electronics and microelectronics
Grand hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Hotel Admiral,

May 22 - 26, 2017, Opatija, Adriatic Coast, Croatia



Mladen Mauher (University of Applied Sciences Zagreb, Croatia), Edvard Tijan (University of Rijeka, Croatia)


Distributed Governance of Life Care Agreements via Public Databases
J. Klasinc 

Using Public Private Partnership Models in Smart Cities– Proposal for Croatia 
M. Milenković, M. Rašić, G. Vojković 

The Platform for the Content Exchange between Internet Music Streaming Services and Discographers 
M. Sretenović, B. Kovačić, A. Skendžić 

Law and Technology in Modern Data Processing Systems: Risk-Based Approach to Data Protection and Implementation Challenges 
N. Gumzej 

Social and Economic Effects of Investments in Primorsko-goranska County Broadband Network 
S. Vojvodić, S. Čegar, D. Medved 

Mobile Applications in Communication of Local Government with Citizens in Croatia 
Đ. Bunja, G. Pavelin, F. Mlinac 

The Role of Applications and their Vendors in Evolution of Software Ecosystems 
S. Hyrynsalmi, P. Linna

Open Data Based Value Networks: Finnish Examples of Public Events and Agriculture
P. Linna, T. Mäkinen, K. Yrjönkoski 

Financial Impact of Forensic Proceedings in ICT 
S. Aksentijević, E. Tijan, A. Jugović 

Reliability, Availability and Security of Computer Systems Supported by RFID Technology
P. Ristov, T. Mišković, A. Mrvica, Z. Markić 

Transportation and Power System Interdependency for Urban Fast Charging and Battery Swapping Stations in Croatia 
I. Pavić, N. Holjevac, M. Zidar, I. Kuzle, A. Nešković

Croatian Qualification Framework – Data Model and Software Implementation in Higher Education 
Ž. Kovačević, M. Mauher, M. Slamić

Internet as a Purchasing Information Source in Children’s Products Retailing in Croatia 
B. Knežević, Z. Pavlić Šipek, B. Jaković

Valuation of Common Stocks Using the Dividend Valuation Approach and Excel 
Z. Prohaska, I. Uroda, A. Radman Peša

The Interconnection between Investment in Software and Financial Performance – The Case of Republic of Croatia
M. Boban, T. Šušak

Elektronički dokazi s osvrtom na zakonska rješenja elektroničkih dokaza u Bosni i Hercegovini
F. Gabela, A. Gabela, J. Gabela