jubilee international convention on information and
communication technology, electronics and microelectronics
Grand hotel Adriatic Congress Centre and Hotel Admiral,

May 22 - 26, 2017, Opatija, Adriatic Coast, Croatia




Slobodan Ribarić (University of Zagreb, Croatia), Andrea Budin (Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, Croatia) 


Automatic Construction of Ontologies from Petri Nets for the Semantic Web 
Z. Ma 


PicoAgri. Realization of a Low-Cost, Remote Sensing Environment for Monitoring Agricultural Fields through Small Satellites and Drones 
S. Marsi, A. Gregorio, M. Maris, M. Puligheddu 

Architecture of an Information System for Biological Sampling of Reservoir Microhabitats 
B. Lukovac, D. Šimunić, N. Vučković

Feeding a DNN for Face Verification in Video Data Acquired by a Visually Impaired User 
J. Bhattacharya, S. Marsi, S. Carrato, H. Frey, G. Ramponi 

Acquiring ISAR Images Using Measurement Instruments 
H.-C. Lee, S.G. Lee, S.H. Lee, C.H. Jung 

Segmentation of Kidneys and Abdominal Images in Mobile Devices with the Android Operating System by Using the Connected Component Labeling Method
S. Arslan Tuncer, A. Alkan

An Overview of Action Recognition in Videos 
M. Burić, M. Pobar, M. Ivašić Kos

Pothole Detection: An Efficient Vision Based Method Using RGB Color Space Image Segmentation 
A. Akagić, E. Buza, S. Omanović 

Classification of the Hand-Printed and Printed Medieval Glagolitic Documents Using Differentiation in Orthography 
D. Brodić, A. Amelio 

An Evolutionary Approach to Route the Heterogeneous Groups of Underwater Robots 
M.Y. Kenzin, I.V. Bychkov, N.N. Maksimkin 

Low Cost Robot Arm with Visual Guided Positioning 
P. Đurović, R. Grbić, R. Cupec, D. Filko 

Symbolic Tensor Differentiation for Applications in Machine Learning 
A. Zhabinski, S. Zhabinskii, D. Adzinets

Reasoning with Air Pollution Data in SWI-Prolog 
Z. Kazi, Lj. Kazi, I. Berković, B. Radulović

Knowledge Elicitation in Multi-Agent System for Distributed Computing Management 
A. Feoktistov, A. Tchernykh, S. Gorsky, R. Kostromin

Improving a Distributed Agent-Based Ant Colony Optimization for Solving Traveling Salesman Problem 
A. Kaplar, M. Vidaković, N. Luburić, M. Ivanović 

Towards an Agent-Based Automated Testing Environment for Massively Multi-Player Role Playing Games 
M. Schatten, I. Tomičić, B. Okreša Ðurić, N. Ivković 

On the Properties of Discrete-Event Systems with Observable States 
N. Nagul

The Formal Description of Discrete-Event Systems Using Positively Constructed Formulas 
A. Davydov, A. Larionov, N. Nagul 

Runtime Estimation for Enumerating All Mutually Orthogonal Diagonal Latin Squares of Order 10
S. Kochemazov, O. Zaikin, A. Semenov 

Improving the Effectiveness of SAT Approach in Application to Analysis of Several Discrete Models of Collective Behavior 
S. Kochemazov, O. Zaikin, A. Semenov

Effects of the Distribution of the Values of Condition Attribute on the Quality of Decision Rules 
V. Ognjenović, E. Brtka, V. Brtka, I. Berković 

Complexity Comparison of Integer Programming and Genetic Algorithms for Resource Constrained Scheduling Problems 
R. Čorić, M. Đumić, D. Jakobović

Balancing Academic Curricula by Using a Mutation-Only Genetic Algorithm
K. Sylejmani, A. Halili, A. Rexhepi

A Hybrid Method for Prediction of Protein Secondary Structure Based On Multiple Artificial Neural Networks 
H. Hasić, E. Buza, A. Akagić

Hardware-in-the-Loop Architecture with MATLAB/Simulink and QuaRC for Rapid Prototyping of CMAC Neural Network Controller for Ball-and-Beam Plant 
V. Shatri, L. Kurtaj, I. Limani 

Primary and Secondary Experience in Developing Adaptive Information Systems Supporting Knowledge Transfer 
S. Lugović, I. Dunđer, M. Horvat 

The Captology of Intelligent Systems 
Z. Balaž, D. Predavec 

Automatic Information Behaviour Recognition 
S. Lugović, I. Dunđer 

Adjective Representation with the Method Nodes of Knowledge 
M. Pavlić, Z. Dovedan Han, A. Jakupović, M. Ašenbrener Katić, S. Čandrlić